One big smile :)


* W O O H O O *

I still can’t believe my eyes when posting this.
Y E-E-E S … you read it right.
It’s € 31.212 we collected together for WWF and UNICEF Belgium. Can you believe this? That’s so much money, money to help animals and children in need. Animals and children who need this more than anybody else. T H A N K   Y O U  soooooo much, really.
Meanwhile, I pedal on and hope to be able to sensitize more people.
Taiwan, here I come 🙂

With love,

34 thoughts on “One big smile :)”

  1. Kristel says:

    Waw, mission accomplished! PROFICIAT!! En, kom je nu naar huis? 😉 :-p
    Mooie, boeiende en veilige tocht verder!

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  2. Van de Kerckhove Patrick says:

    WAUW,we still live in a good world ,greetings to amazing Trien.
    Patrick & Jacqueline,oostakker(gent)

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