Silent Night (EN)

English, India

4:36 am
I am in my tent, in the jungle, in Nepal.
I like jungle sounds, sounds I can not situate. Sounds from which I think: is this a bird or an insect?

I am in my tent, in the jungle, in Nepal.
In the background passing traffic, rattling trucks, a train ?, honking, a continuous grouch. In the foreground, a bladder threatened with explosion, a mosquito bite on the wrist that screams for attention, and a birdsong oppressed by traffic on the roads. With a large thud, thick drops of condensation fall from the air on the canvas of the tent.

I am in my tent, in the jungle, in Nepal.
Everything feels clammy. My sleeping bag, my mattress, my fingers slipping over the screen of my mobile phone on which I type right now.

I am in my tent, in the jungle in Nepal and think …
Think of ‘Chasing Ice’ the documentary that I watched last night. Here in my tent (yes, premiere ;)). I wanted to isolate myself from all the sounds around me, all the sounds that make me a bit crazy, day by day.
I was looking for rest, for silence.
I found silence, not rest.
I get restless
to know that the ice cap is melting so much faster than we actually realize or want, that we are really in the middle of it, in the midst of that climate change. I get restless to know that Belgium is worldwide in the top ten as a major polluter, that the government does not set a good example.
I become silent when I think back to Lhamo. Lhamo means ‘angel’. She is worthy of her name. She lives high in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh, India. For five years, she has been working for ‘The Girls Hostel’ for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. An initiative of her father that gives young girls from remote areas in the Himalayas the chance to study. The Girls Hostel will disappear if no funds are raised to buy the property they are currently staying in. Read the full story here.

I am in my tent, in the jungle in Nepal and think …
What can I do? How can I help?

It is that time of the year in which we feel a little more connected to each other. That period in which we realize that we are doing well or even better and that not everything and everyone can say that. That period in which not only Santa Claus and Jingle Bells are omnipresent but also charity projects.

Yes, I still peddle for the good cause, towards Taiwan, towards € 30,000 and on to more.
‘More’ in the sense of helping Bader from Oman and also Lhamo from India.

I am in my tent, in the jungle in Nepal and think …
I have thousands of photos, maybe there is one for a postcard.
Would you like to surprise someone with a card? Do you want to give yourself a card? Do you want to replace the dog’s ear in your book with a bit of Oman, Kyrgyzstan or India? It’s possible!

I offer 3 postcards for € 15.

Postcard 1 – Eat this! – Oman

Postcard 2 – Taken! – Kyrgyzstan

Postcard 3 – I had to knock because the bell doesn’t work – India

How can you order this package of postcards?
Mail your name, family name and address to
Transfer € 15 via the payment button and enter ‘postcard’ under the question ‘Do you want to leave me a note?’. Although there is mentioned on the PayPal page ‘Purpose: trien trapt fundraising’ the money is going to The Girls Hostel in Kaza because you mentioned ‘postcard’ before.
Only transfers plus email (and vice versa) can be processed.
Donate Button

Important info
– The campaign runs till January 7th, 2018
– The contribution is not tax-deductible
– The profit goes entirely to The Girls Hostel in Kaza, India
– There is no guarantee that the Nepalese post will work correctly, in other words, that your ordered card will arrive. However, I will take a photo of each card with a stamp as proof that the card is going to be posted
– Patience is a beautiful virtue. Nepal is far away and a postcard has no wings. It can easily be out there for 1 to 2 months
– If you have not received anything on April 1, 2018, mail me and I will mail you the picture of the envelope as evidence
– I am looking for good print quality for printing the photo. Nepal is not Belgium, so thumbs up to find a good result.

Finally, this
Campaigns like this, blogging, a broken lens, … cost money.
If you want to help me by donating some electricity, pictures or a bed for the (blog) night then this is e.n.o.r.m.o.u.s.l.y. appreciated. You can find all the info to support me personally here.

Enjoy birdsongs or insects, love and warmth from the people surrounding you.
Gladly until 2018!
Mountain and season’s greetings,
Trien x

3 thoughts on “Silent Night (EN)”

  1. Kaat says:

    Leuk initiatief weeral, maar ben blij dat je ook eraan denkt om je eigen extra kosten wat te laten sponsoren. Je hebt al meer dan je (goed) doel bereikt, ook tijd nemen om te relaxen en genieten! Hoop wel dat het opbrengt natuurlijk, zodat je daar niet van wakker ligt in je tent, maar zalig slaapt x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ik hoop ook echt dat het opbrengt. Ze hebben het zo hard nodig. Ze stoppen er dan ook al hun energie in! Onbeschrijfelijk! En wat mezelf betreft? Tja, dat was echt moeilijk, schaam me wat dat ik dit meedeel, maar heb het wel wat nodig… :/ xx


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