Ioana, crazy Ioana, how I like that girl 🙂 Although she didn’t speak English, she started a conversation with me. We were both cycling. She didn’t understand how I could cycle uphill, while she was walking next to her bike, pushing him and suffering from the heat. We stopped together at a well to drink some water and continued cycling. When the road was downhill she was stretching one arm above her head and, because her brake didn’t work, held one foot on her rear tire, but didn’t use it that much. Small detail, it was dirt road 🙂 Actually she past her village already but wanted to continue cycling with me. Her friend joined us. Before saying goodbye, we picked, like naughty children, cherries from the tree on the picture. Ioana, although you don’t like cycling, I really hope you once become a professional downhill rider. You would be a champ, for sure! #Romania

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