I camped in the middle of the fields. I didn’t saw any house around. This man with his cute and very shy little daughter came along. He explained (in Turkish) to me I couldn’t camp there. In one or two hours at least 10 or 20 sounders of pigs would come to the fields. And probably more, because it would rain and wild boars love mud to wash themselves. I was to lazy and into some adventure. So I stayed there. He gave me his phone number in case something would happen. The next day he came over to check if I was still alve 😉 #Turkey

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    • Haha, nee Chantal. Ik zat nochtans met camera in de aanslag 😉 een andere keer heb ik er wel rond mijn tent gehad, maar toen ik eindelijk uit mijn slaapzak en tent sukkelde waren ze riebedebie 😉


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