Going down is normally one big party. This time (my last downhill in Turkey, going from 2500 to 0), was a very bad downhill road but a memorable one. It started with mist, changed into mist and rain, and changed a thirth time into tunder and lightning, oh and rain. I was completely alone, the road became very bad, putholes, stones, mud. I was realising that if I would fall nobody would find me. After kilometers of descending at slow pace I suddenly saw a truck and two men. I asked them if they were planning to go downhill. They were! For the complete 7 kilometers I got a hitch of these two kind men. Wow, great, finally a bit warmer. On the picture you would think the weather is great, well it wasn’t. After one minute it turned into tunder and lightning, they followed up each other that fast that I couldn’t count which one was first. In one two three, I was completely soaked. But hey, thank you guys for the warm 7 kilometers #grateful #Turkey

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