On a Friday evening in April I met Matej filming in the streets of Broumov. It was already dark (I walked too long in the beautiful Broumovsko National Park) and didn’t find a safe spot to camp. I’ll asked the guy if he lived in the neighbourhood and if they had a garden where I could pitch my tent. Together we went to his house. Daddy Mike said it was fine. While pitching my tent he came over with a bottle of Slivovitch and two tiny glasses. A little shot was my welcome. Because you can’t stand on one leg, he offered me a second one. A bit later daughter Dominika brought me a sandwich and a bottle of hot water for tea. And when I was completely installed I was invited in the house where more tea, Slivovitch and appetizers were served on a tray of… Unicef 🙂 The next morning I could join a great breakfast. My last night in Czech Republic was really memorable thanks to this warm encounter. Thank you so much Lenka, Mike, Matej and Dominika #CzechRepublic

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