Friends of the road – Germany

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English, Friends of the road, Friends of the road - Germany, Germany, Nederlands

[‘Friends of the road (Vrienden van de weg)’ bestaat enkel in het Engels, excuses hiervoor]

I’d like to dedicate a page to all people who help me on my way to Taiwan.

People who offer me a night stay in their garden, stable, garage or flat. People who offer me a shower, breakfast, some food for the road, home made tidbits, water or a nice chat. People who put effort in showing me the right direction.

People who mean a lot to me.
People I instant like and love.
People who make my journey memorable.
People who deserve a special thank you, bedankt, merci, danke schön, děkuji, dzięki, спасибі, mulțumesc, благодаря, teşekkürler, …
People I call friends.

Thanks a million!

Be awakened by the neighing of a horse was slightly different then the singing of birds. After a rainy day I was so glad that this kind man, owner of 50 horses, let me sleep in his stable, on a bed. I wiped the stable in return 😉 #Germany

My personal gps in Mainz. They accompanied me through the whole town to go to the place where I had to be, great! #Germany

It was dark and cold and they welcomed me with a night stay in their warm cellar, lovely! #Germany

Her mom was the only one in the street who was kind to me. And this little girl was adorable #Germany

The man with a huge collection of all vintage bicycles. He showed me his paradise. I became wild 😉 #Germany

On a tough, cold day with endlessly climbing and detours they gave me back energy, wow, grateful! #Germany

A cute housekeeper offered me quiet sneeky a bottle of water #Germany

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