Friends of the road – Ukraine

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English, Friends of the road, Friends of the road - Ukraine, Ukraine

I’d like to dedicate a page to all people who help me on my way to Taiwan.

People who offer me a night stay in their garden, stable, garage or flat. People who offer me a shower, breakfast, some food for the road, home made tidbits, water or a nice chat. People who put effort in showing me the right direction.

People who mean a lot to me.
People I instant like and love.
People who make my journey memorable.
People who deserve a special thank you, bedankt, merci, danke schön, děkuji, dzięki, спасибі, mulțumesc, благодаря, teşekkürler, …
People I call friends.

Thanks a million!

My first real cycling day in Ukraine was one of heavy non stop rain, so I had to look for shelter now and then. The woman owns the shop next door. Because my solar panels failed, I had to ask her to charge my gps, she showed me the way to the bar/hostel of her husband and son. When I told them about my project, they offered me a coffee, some cake and also one dollar for UNICEF and WWF. I really couldn’t accept, I thought they felt obliged and misunderstood why I was telling about it #sweet #Ukraine

I had already brake problems during the day and I was really behind schedule. I arrived late in the evening in rainy Mizhhiria. I coudn’t find a free or cheap option to stay. So I went to the only hotel in town, a fancy Spa resort and asked if they could help me. Luckily this sweet girl at the reception spoke English. Her manager Max drove me to a good and affordable place to stay #grateful #Ukraine

With my last Hryvnias I wanted to buy two bananas and some strawberries. The man was so kind to give me more strawberries, a bag of cherries, apricots, apples and a nectarine #waw #Ukraine


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