Way back in time when I started exploring the world I realised what a spoiled kid I am. The more I travelled the more I felt guilty that I could see the world through my own eyes and so many others can’t. I understood that especially innocent children are victims of what adults do. Making war so kids have to escape their home, village, country. Being polluters and causing climate change. This not only with consequences for children but also for animals and nature where I love to cycle.
That’s what made me decide to cycle a tiny bit of this big world in favour of UNICEF Belgium and WWF. From Belgium to Taiwan 30,000 kilometres to collect €30,000 for both organisations.
Not only for them but also for others in need that cross my paved or rather unpaved path I want to make some effort to raise funds.

I believe that when you can travel for a long period of time and enjoy the beauty of the world and its people, it’s little effort to try to contribute to make it a better place.

Into sponsoring one of my charity-projects? It will be most appreciated.
Click the links below if you’re willing to donate.
UNICEF Belgium and WWF
KDM Girls’ Hostel
Himalayan Life

Thank you, bedankt, merci, danke schön, děkuji, dzięki, спасибі, mulțumesc, благодаря, teşekkürler, dhan’yavāda …

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