The bike

Why I changed my bike after ten months on the road from the trusty Tout Terrain Silkroad Xplore into the sturdy Surly Karate Monkey you can read here.

Thanks to the big-hearted Patrick from PDG bikestore I can realize a dream and find my way on dirt roads to Taiwan on a Surly Karate Monkey with 29″ wheels. The 3″ wide tyres (Surly Knard) in the front and the 2.35″ (Schwalbe Racing Ralph) in the back let me finally cycle in the (not too loose) sand and on rough terrain. Just the way I love it!

I was super glad to hear that Nick from Rogue Panda Designs wanted to sponsor his well-invented and bombproof rolltop framebag. I stuff it with food, my cooking stove and other heavy stuff. In the side pocket, there’s a place for my maps. The rolltop closure and aluminium buckles make it very easy to open and close the bag. A rogue panda sponsoring a WWF panda, isn’t that just great? Thanks a lot, Nick!

Also many thanks to Koen from FxM – Pedal Harder for avoiding the next sunstroke with the nice cycling cap he offered. Check their website or Instagram for cool cycling gear.

Thanks a million to my good friend Koen, who assembled my bike to my very own desires. To very kind Leen and Katelijne who made the new bike and gear arrive safely and free in Oman. To Eva for storing it. To my super sweet cousin Ann who sponsored me with not only a compact and lightweight down jacket but also with two Salsa bags and cages. Furthermore, she collected and sent lots of other stuff I needed from the States. To Jessica’s mum and sister who also collected and brought things to Belgium. For Rik for putting effort in sending me a package to Oman at a better rate. For my friend Tom and his ex-colleague Erwin and wife Daniëlla in Oman, for storing my ‘old’ bike and luggage for a very long time and taking my stuff back to Belgium. And last but not least many thanks to my father, the best secretary and courier one can wish! Thank y’all 🙂

My new setup
Rogue Panda Designs rolltop framebag
Revelate Designs handle bar harness & Egress pocket, 2 mountain feed bags & 2 top tube bags
Carradice Camper longflap saddlebag (23 l)
2 Salsa Anything Cages and bags
1 Santos XL bottle holder
Alpkit Airlok Xtra 20 L
and several Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Drysacks Exped Drybags

My packing list you’ll find here.

2 thoughts on “The bike”

  1. Hi, how did you mount the Tubus Vega Rack on the Monkey ? Did you use lots of spacers on the Brake side ? Nice homepage and realy great photos 🙂
    cheers Bernhard


    • Hi Bernhard, thank you for the nice words ☺️ concerning the rack, I wouldn’t recommend buying it on the Karate Monkey. I used LOOOTS of spacers which makes it less reliable. Also prevents this rack using fat tires. All the best, Trien


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