Packing list

Sleeping room
Tent (Hilleberg Akto) + 2 spare pecs + Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Drysack (13L)
Sleeping mattress (Exped downmat UL winter)
Sleeping bag – down (Katabatic Flex 15°F)
Sleeping liner – silk (Sea to Summit)
Inflatable pillow

Down jacket (Montbell)
Rainjacket – Goretex (Mammut)
Rainpants (Assos)
Buff – winter (Icebreaker)
Buff – summer (serves as eye mask (hostel, full moon, midsummer nights) as well)
Mitten – Goretex (Outdoor Research)
Cycling gloves – winter – wool
Cycling gloves – summer
Hooded fleece
Thermal t-shirt long sleeve – wool (Icebreaker)
Long John – wool (Icebreaker)
T-shirt long sleeve – wool (Icebreaker)
T-shirt short sleeve – wool (Icebreaker)
Cycling pants – short (Assos)
Cycling legwarmers
Socks winter (1) – wool (Icebreaker)
Socks liner (3) – wool (Icebreaker)
Underpants (5 (1 wool, 4 quick-dry) – serves as a bikini as well
Bra (2) – serves as a bikini top as well
T-shirt – casual – cotton
Hiking pants
Hiking boots
Cycling cap (FxM)
Needle and thread

Shampoo (in an Eagle Creek silicone bottle – 60 ml)
Mini towel
Toothpaste + toothbrush
Deodorant (roll-on)
Foldable brush/mirror
Nail cutter + tweezers
Wet wipes + toilet paper
Clothesline (Sea to Summit)

Blanket Mini-Pocket, used as picnic blanket or footprint (Matador – 110 x 70 cm)
Stove + repair kit (MSR WhisperLite)
Lighter + storm matches
Pot (Alpkit MytiPot 900)
Spork + pocket knife
Small cutting board
Water filter (SteriPEN Freedom)
1900 ml RVS bottle (Kleen Kanteen) + 750 ml plastic drink bottles (3) + water bag 10 litres (Ortlieb)

Immodium instant
Amoclane EG – Antibiotics
Ibuprofen EG
Gastrolyte O.R.S.
Astroplast Alcohol-Free Wipe
Hidrofilm Plus
Burn/Wound Lint Pad
Tick Remover
Mosquito repellent + mosquito headnet

Allan key 4,5,6
Brooks saddle key
Spare nuts and bolts
Chain tool
3 Quick-link + a little part of a chain
Grease + chain oil
Brake + gear cable
2 x brake pads
2 x 29″ inner tubes + repair kit
Pump + 3 tire levers
2 x 2 spokes + spoke tightener
Some cable ties (small + large)
Some duct tape + electricity tape
Lock + key
Sea to Summit Hook Release accessory strap
Click-stand + spare parts
Odometer + GPS Garmin Edge 1000  GPS Sigma Rox 7.0

International passport + photocopies passport
Vaccination passport
Insurance documents
Passport photos
Camera + 3 lenses (2 prime, 1 zoom) + 3 spare battery + 2 memory cards + mini tripod
USB stick
Laptop 11″ (MacBook Air)
External hard drive (LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB)
Smartphone + headphone + iPod shuffle e-reader
World adapter
Wallet (waterproof)
2 Maestro + 1 Mastercard
Bank transactions calculator
Powerbank + sun panel + Voile Ski strap for mounting
Backpack – light, waterproof, compact (Sea to Summit)
Drysack (2L) for cables & co (Exped Drybag)

More info about the bike and setup you’ll find here.

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