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Friends of the road – Tajikistan

Although 33.2% of the Tajik population is poor and malnourished, they never doubt to invite you to their house for a cup of ‘chai’ (tea) and some bread with ‘Smetana’ (cream). Hospitality and kindness are endless in the country of the Pamir Mountains. As usual, […]

Tested and approved (EN)

[blog post for Grinta! cycling magazine] ‘Doroga normalne’ I hear myself babbling as I drag my bicycle over big rocks. A loud laugh escapes me. Some miles further on, I’m sprayed completely wet when cycling through melted snow that turns the road into a river. […]

What’s in a name? (EN)

Along the side of the road a handful of grazing cows, a Chinese truck, stuck and a bit further a herd of shy yaks. On that same road, a fully loaded jeep with on its roof a sheep, looking around. He likes it there. The […]

Friends of the road – Uzbekistan

As usual, in every country, I meet wonderful people. People who make the country memorable. People who deserve a place on my blog. People who deserve a special thank you. People who are ‘friends of the road’. Thanks a million!

Throwback Thursday #tbt (EN)

‘Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Tashkent. The local time is 1:30 pm. It’s fourteen degrees Celsius, it’s raining. Thank you for choosing Uzbekistan Airways. We wish you a pleasant stay.’

Offroad Oman (EN)

[blogpost for Rogue Panda Designs] February Twelfth. Like a little kid on her birthday, I woke up way too early and way too excited, ready to explore Oman’s dirt roads. Some final packing puzzles, enjoying that one last shower, and off I went! *Olé*

The complete makeover (EN)

[blogpost for Grinta! cycling magazine] Already in Bulgaria I noticed the first symptoms. In Turkey it became worse. And in Georgia my whole immune system protested…

Defrost (EN)

With a cry of relief and a big swing I threw my hijab overboard, together with that grain of salt. Then, I rapidly took off my long, black dress.

Friends of the road – Iran

As I mentioned before… Iran wasn’t all harassments and horror stories. I met many good or, to be more precise, wonderful people. To be accurate I should have taken much more pictures from the many vendors or ordinary people in the street who offered me vegetables, […]

50 shades of blue (EN)

‘Trien, where has your smile gone?’ After three days of Iran, my much promised land, I suddenly realised that since crossing the border in Noorduz I have laughed little or not at all.