Friends of the road – Bulgaria

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Bulgaria, English, Friends of the road, Friends of the road - Bulgaria, Nederlands

[‘Friends of the road (Vrienden van de weg)’ bestaat enkel in het Engels, excuses hiervoor]

I’d like to dedicate a page to all people who help me on my way to Taiwan.

People who offer me a night stay in their garden, stable, garage or flat. People who offer me a shower, breakfast, some food for the road, home made tidbits, water or a nice chat. People who put effort in showing me the right direction.

People who mean a lot to me.
People I instant like and love.
People who make my journey memorable.
People who deserve a special thank you, bedankt, merci, danke schön, děkuji, dzięki, спасибі, mulțumesc, благодаря, teşekkürler, …
People I call friends.

Thanks a million!

I needed benzin for my cooking stove. Unfortunately, this kind man told me that he was sold out. Instead of helping me with the benzin, he offered me cookies and I could taste from his home made honey #Bulgaria

I was warned about all the gypsies. People told me I couldn’t camp around, it was way too dangerous. They told me the police would have an option. I was already dreaming of sleeping in jail for a night, exciting… But the police office was closed. I asked on the terrace of the benzin station of Karapelit if somebody had a sollution for me. The men started calling around and offered me a beer and chips. Suddenly Ivan (left on the picture), the mayor, appeared, he had a solution. I could sleep for free in the hotel of his father in his village. Wow, grateful, thank you so much Ivan! #Bulgaria

The next morning Ivan, the mayor, invited me in his office. Nice 🙂 #Bulgaria

I didn’t find the camp site in Sarafovo, so I was looking for a place to camp. Not so easy in a coast town. I cycled too much that day and was too tired that I asked to Todor, the man on the picture, if I could camp in front of their house. He called his sweet daughter Gabi (Gabriela, 12) who speaks English, to come over and talk with me. At the end of the evening I could stay there for dinner (Gabi her mum Kalinka is the best cook of Bulgaria, for sure) and could sleep on the outdoor covered terrace. The next morning Gabi made me a yummy breakfast and a very nice drawing, she is so creative. I felt sorry to leave, but Istanbul and the girls (#bff) were waiting for me. You can’t imagine how lucky I felt to meet such a warm and lovely family, amazing. Lots of love for all of you xx #Bulgaria

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