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Friends of the road – Kazakhstan

I feel extremely spoiled meeting so many nice and friendly people on my way to Taiwan. Here again, in Kazakhstan, only spending twelve days, I could taste some of Kazakhs generosity. Thank you so much, dear Friends of the Road!… ‘Rahmat!’. Advertisements


Friends of the road – Kyrgyzstan

Nobody told me before about the extreme generosity and hospitality of the Kyrgyz people. Nobody told me before that cycling through Kyrgyzstan would be such an overwhelming experience. It’s wonderful to see that in a country of extremely cold winter temperatures people can be so […]


Friends of the road – Tajikistan

Although 33.2% of the Tajik population is poor and malnourished, they never doubt to invite you to their house for a cup of ‘chai’ (tea) and some bread with ‘Smetana’ (cream). Hospitality and kindness are endless in the country of the Pamir Mountains. As usual, […]


Friends of the road – Iran

As I mentioned before… Iran wasn’t all harassments and horror stories. I met many good or, to be more precise, wonderful people. To be accurate I should have taken much more pictures from the many vendors or ordinary people in the street who offered me vegetables, […]


Friends of the road – Ukraine

I’d like to dedicate a page to all people who help me on my way to Taiwan. People who offer me a night stay in their garden, stable, garage or flat. People who offer me a shower, breakfast, some food for the road, home made […]

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