I thought I had my last Turkish climb yesterday. But I didn’t know that on the way to the national park I wanted to cycle through there was very steep dirt road uphill. That meant pushing my bike. I asked locals how many kilometers the pass was. 5 kilometers they said. 2 kilometers further I asked again how far it was: 5 kilometer was the answer. And a third time I asked it, I got the same answer… I was getting tired of all the climbing the last days, weeks, months. When this truck passed by and stopped to ask me if I needed a lift, I said ‘yes’. I couldn’t believe myself that I said that, suddenly the road wasn’t that steep anymore… You can imagine that I felt horrible. And also, it was only 1,8 kilometer to the top. Anyhow these people were very kind to me and the last kilometer to the top would have been a pushing moment again 😉 #Turkey

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  1. Wat zo leuk is is dat nt alleen jij op avontuur bent, mr je die mensen ook een klein avontuurtje bezorgt door jullie kennismaking..:)


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